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Thursday, March 31, 2011


No I am not referring to the Big Bang of the earth's annihilation nor the trigger happy Bang bang.. of the guns and pistons. I am referring to the male banging's of their female counterparts in their perverse sexual acts.

Among animals too, there is lot of similarity wherein the males when in heat turn aggressive and ferocious. For example the copulation of lions, where the lions behave aggressive at the time of mating. There are the other male animals with similar traits when in heat. However, in my observation of these earth creatures, I find that the male turns aggressive with others rather than the spouse or the sexual partners. I am the victim of such aggressive violent males in sexual intercourse with their spouses or paramours. The same suggestive among own family members like my married brother, who reacts in a rabid snarl. Whether the behavior is a racist act of just the frustrated male fascinated by a female drawing attention with a fair skin or big breasts, it is difficult to analyze. However, my personal experiences and observations speak out that racism is more a gender issue associated with just the females. While a dark male romances a fair female. Ultimately, there is excess of racism shown towards women whether in marital sphere or career life.

Recently, I was at the Big Bazaar Supermarket, wherein, a young, short, fair woman suddenly appeared from nowhere and stood before the red shirt clad male in the queue. There was dead silence from this red shirt clad male who did not object the fair woman from skipping the queue to stand before him instead he was hogging her. There was some distraction caused by another male clad in blue shirt who squeezed out of the narrow space behind me when my purchases were billed at the cash counter. That was not a thoroughfare yet the male snarled at me like a rabid dog. When I objected to the deliberate distraction caused at the billing counter, the red shirt character also began to snarl at me along with the other man clad in blue shirt like rabid dogs or a werewolf in heat. But these same rabid dogs tend to mellow with the short fair females. These distractions and diversions are created by these rabid gangs deploying one fair female just to commit a criminal offence. Some other customers had lost some items and in my case the Nestle milk was curdled and spoilt. It was a trick to replace with the spoilt one just to harass or kill.

It was the deliberate collision caused by a couple of auto drivers at the Nampally Railway Station. One of the auto drivers an old man with auto AP12U8978 banged his auto on my car damaging the left side. Thereafter, a bunch of hooligans linked to unknown cockish political party or party's began to extort money from me using abusive words to threaten me, as if I had done wrong. I reacted in an aggressive manner and did the tit for tat act. Here again, it was these hooligans associated and tutored by rogue politics of democracy or the worthless labor unions. The police does not turn up immediately.

Another event where a bunch of political activists had damaged the sculptors on the tank bund road, one of the tourist spots. Though the police pompously announced the cameras that filmed the broad daylight damaging acts, there was no instant action initiated to stop or prevent the hooligans from damaging the public property. The lackadaisical attitude of the law and the government authorities is a natural phenomena here. It was a stalemate news churning factory to create stories for the journalists to pen down. Total lack of ethic or morale or sense of duty or responsibility shown. Whatever the impact of such dramatizations fail to have any affect as a consequence of the insane acts.

At my present residence too, there are the premeditated rabid dogs with a view to kill upon trespass day or night. Any single woman looses her right to fundamental constitution or ends up non cognizable just because the majority is governed by rabid males snarling to extort money like terrorist. So how can these earth creatures be called as human beings? There are just a handful humane people and can be called as the human beings. Most of them are just creatures of the planet earth greedy, exploitative and lead perverted sexual lives.

In my own case, I still continue to be exploited and tortured with out any form of remedy from any outside source. My employers have come up with their regular strategy to torture and ultimately reduce my life span.

In short, it is murder undetected committed by the rogue state bank employers and the worst governance of political party's creating lawlessness.

How can all these creatures of earth be called as human beings, when there are just a few humane people.


Monday, March 21, 2011


What does word Revolution mean and define?

In the 21st century, we are viewing a different attack and intrusion in to the affairs of foreign nations by a bunch of self centered western nations. Are there no killings in democratic countries? In fact, western nations mark the highest criminal rate.

Libya produces one of the best quality crude oils though a small country. So why are the western nations bombarding the civilians and the Libyan government. It is a disgraceful act and show of violence and weapon power to intrude in to other nation's affairs for selfish gains.

There are alternate ways of controlling the unruly mob and not simply killing. There are more number of pro Gaddafi civilians than the unruly protesters. Majority civilians and population are supporting the Libyan Government, but we are finding the western nations wiping out the all evidence of conspiracy and coercion after freeing the jailed convict.


Thursday, March 17, 2011



To Whomsoever Concerned!

Here I am alone with my tiny pet at flat-101 Pallavi Residency St.No:14 Lane No:1 12-13-662 Nagarjunanagar Tarnaka Secunderabad-500017 paying a monthly rent of Rs11,000/= to Ms P. Swetha Reddy and her guardians Mr Devender Reddy & Mr Venkatram Reddy. Their relatives are also residents of the said Pallavi Residency in flats-201 and others.

There appears to be a diabolic conspiracy to disrupt my peaceful existence and endanger the life of my pet and me. In September 2010, I had jointly registered the property at plot no:4 Survey nos:164,165 & 166 Tarnaka with my younger brother. The property was originally purchased by my late mother and a part of it was under dispute till 2003 or so after her death in 1988. I am a single divorcee while my younger brother has a wife and two daughters. My father and my younger are my legal heirs in event of my death. My younger brother is the sole beneficiary. My father pays to a watchman named Anjeneyulu working for the Narayana educational institution for running errands. This watchman has shown and assisted in the shifting of my residence to the present Pallavi Residency.

The watchman named Nagaiah of the Pallavi Residency lives with his family in the one room accommodation of the premises. This watchman had lied to me about the potable water supply. He had lied that the there would be 24 hours supply. Instead, this watchman began to harass by creating problems and bluffing about the water supply from the Muncipal Authorities. When I personally enquired with the Water Works Department and the neighbors in the locality, they all assured me that there was adequate supply of over two hours daily. Yet, the watchman under instigation began to behave in a rude manner with me and began disruption of the supply of drinking water basic amenity.

The peculiarity of the situation is some kind of cheap politicization and disruption of the drinking water on mainly the days when some local or state elections take place. It is the third time that I have observed that some miscreant closes the valve on the terrace of the building to disrupt the water supply. The problem can be caused to just four apartments including me. I suspect the watchman to create the problem under instigation. But then who and why should any sensible person or persons instigate the watchman to cause this nuisance?

I was informed that the flat owner and others in the Pallavi Residency are relatives of the late politician named Sri Marri Chenna Reddy and his son named Sri Marri Shashidar Reddy also a politician and they have got one of the many houses at Tarnaka. When I disclosed the same to my father and brother, they reacted in an agitated manner and they are avoiding conversation. The watchman for the sake of his livelihood can act under the instigation of the politician occupants of the Pallavi Residency with out any fore thought or qualms. But I am unable to fathom the insignificance of politicization around my pet and me except that these crooked politicians are in connivance and hand in glove with the extortionist bankers.

The mystery deepens because of my joint ownership of the property with my younger brother. It is clear that vital facts are hidden from me and I am being victimized by the hooligans here. My younger brother on his short vacation had intruded in to my life that too by making guest appearances at my workplace and residence. But when I needed help on being tortured and locked inside the house by the Gummadi Nilayam occupants of flat G1 who are related to the accused of Satyam Fraud case, my only younger brother denied any kind of support and did not help.

The State Bank Of Hyderabad are the worst terrorists and extortionists in my life though I am a senior employee. The bank employers or extortionists are simply involved in the torture caused to incapacitate me and thereafter mint money by way of recoveries. Most of these calculations are done manually in the registers and there is scope for diverting the funds to others. The bank on the whole is profited by depriving some of its staff of their salaries and entitlements, while some others thoroughly enjoy all monetary benefits along with the comforts of favoritism and promotions. This is a common workplace discrimination and exploitation of a lady staff. These extortionist bankers could be responsible for trespass and endangering the lives of my pet and me. They too could instigate the watchman to harass and disrupt the basic amenities in order to cause diversionary strategies to trespass and cause slow poison or endanger the lives of my pet and me. The State Bank Of Hyderabad is nothing short of a notorious extortionist or terrorist and enjoys impunity. They do as they like and commit serious irregularities in a whimsical way with out a sense of guilty conscience and all in the open. Yet they all run scot free. Of late there are some good cops who are animal lovers and create obstacles to these money thirsty, greedy and cheating bankers. These faceless monsters are depriving me of my livelihood though I had struggled all my young age and these monster rogues lack any sense of humanity. The malafide intention is to harass and exploit me, to torture me and deny me the means for medical treatments. These money sucking parasites have turned me into a sitting duck for target practice. It is easy to target a motionless duck rather than one that is moving and working. I CURSE THESE BANKER EXTORTIONISTS WHO ARE WORST THAN TERRORISTS.

Ultimately, it is to point out that there are varied vested interests to endanger my pets and my life. But the arrogant behavior of my brother towards me is the prime motive to disrupt my pet's and my peaceful existence. His wife has relatives working for other banks and are members of trade unions and other organizations. My father's second wife too has links with political parties like CPI, Telugu Desam Party etc. and is capable of causing the disruptions. But my father's second wife is also facing problems and there is no reason whatsoever to disturb me??? Thereby, I hold my younger brother and his gangster wife responsible for the disruptions and exploitations in my life. During normal times, they make guest appearances intruding in my routine life. When I need simple support or help at times of crisis created by psychopaths, they shun me and ignore me. They are clearly motivated to cause all the disruptions to endanger the lives of my pet and me.

The mass maniacs and psychopaths are in abundance here. My personal experiences of social evil in the twin cities of south india is abundant. To be continued........

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Here I am wondering what a women's day signifies. As a middle aged woman, I am accustomed to the various harassments in the walk of life. Yes Sir, Sir, No Sir, emphatic on the word "SIR" addressed by the hooligans mainly the younger generation can be annoying nuisance to come across in the daily walk of life.

It is mainly these cheeky and audacious call centre chickoos or youngsters playing pranks comfortably safe behind phone lines or else the KUN Hyundai Service Centre Security Guards at the gate calling me as "SIR". It is mainly these young cheap flirting female receptionists or the help centre of Hyundai Service Centers resorting to cheap pranks with me.

In my opinion it is not women's day but day of RACISM. It is a day where fair females are considered and treated like women while the rest are discriminated and harassed or exploited. I do not deny that there are exceptions to this rule. There are cases of exploitations on all women whether fair or dark but it is sparse and scarce incidents in the case of fair women. State Bank Of Hyderabad and the environment offered me the personal experience of what racism really means. That was just the beginning in 1986.

In 2008, I had the horrific experience what a fair female was capable of committing and instigating heinous act of exploitation supported by a dark husband. Though I was submitting several representations to the Police and other authorities, I failed to muster any help or support. But when I acted in self defense against the female who was hysterical and physically violent towards me, I had the horrific experience of being a victim of racism. The policemen are not simply governed by politics but there is excess of racism. Recently in January 2011, my tiny pet was tortured at the Government Narayanguda Veterinary Hospital instigated by some bad policemen because there were two fair young female vets. The male vets too began to speak in an arrogant manner and threatened my pet and me. As a consequence of racism, my livelihood too is at stake and I continue to constantly and continuously remain exploited both sexually and monetarily. There are these trespassers still dare to enter my rented residential apartment day or night. The outcome is torture and exploitation. RACISM is the key factor for the continual exploitations. In the process, my tiny pet is in pain from a broken claw on her forepaw, whether caused deliberately or accidentally is difficult to guess after her recent blog, "Digging in to the past...."

The history created by the American African President of United States is like a fiction in a movie thriller and I have not noticed any change in reality. There has been just a fraction of change and the pampered dark women have the mafia or political support or a good family support. Otherwise, as single individuals it is the fair females successful ventures and stories.

It is a shame that even in the 21st century, the society has not erased the RACISM from its mindset. Racism still clings on. So I call the International Women's Day as the Racism Day. My mother nicknamed me the "chameleon" when I was young. Is it so?