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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


HAPPY PROSPEROUS DIWALI CELEBRATED IN INDIA ON 26/10/11, but here I am so disgruntled and disillusioned. Watching the fireworkers lit by the maniacs thrill thirsty lunatics loving it all to light the bombs, rockets, crackers, pots, etc. I can feel the excitement of these violent creatures surrounding me in India. I guess fireworks have turned universally popular for the human beings loving the thrill of bomb explosions just like the sexually perverted gets thrilled. 

No! I am not marooned jealous of these human's cheap gimmicks of explosives and fire arsons. It is just that I HATE to see my money robbed by these creatures just in order to satisfy their festive thrill of bomb explosions. It is not just my employers the State Bank Of Hyderabad but the real political crooks the Reddy families residing at Tarnaka and Sri Devender Reddy resident of Alwal who are the "great landlords" resorting to hooliganism, exploitation and violence against my single status. Simply said, these political rogues have exerted their influence with the State Bank to mint money from my salaries through nefarious means. What I am waiting for is reprisal from the court of law to get back my money.

No! it is not just the political crooks but I was also robbed by my cousin brother's step son. I was grandly relieved of Rs.5000/= when I went for shelter and protection. In turn my tiny pet and I were physically and verbally abused so I returned to my own single status. Yet again, my money goes "boom...boom"....triggering the bomb. 

So I say, "Drop the Atom Bomb here in andhra pradesh of south india because they all simply love it".

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