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Thursday, July 8, 2010


The Related Supervisors/Responsible Authorities of KUN Auto Company Private Limited C-48 Second Avenue, Near Chinthamani, Anna Nagar East, Chennai - 600102.




From 29/06/10 I have been making several phone calls to the sales executive Mr Siddique of KUN Kharatabad Showroom, Service Manager Sri Shyam Sunder Reddy, Service Advisor Sri Naveen about installation of a specific Centralised Remote Locking accessory to my i 10 Magna 1.2Lr bought on 22/06/2010. On 22/06/10, due to time constraint I opted to get the teflon coating and accessory installation done at a later date. The above stated accessory is to be borne by me while the pending teflon coating is provided by your company.

There was considerable delay of over four hours at the KUN Khairatabad showroom on 22nd June 2010 over the paper work. They initially refused to give the related relevant papers in exchange for the payment. I had to call my colleague who informed me the significance of the temp regn., insurance, sales invoice etc. for ownership rights while phying the car on the road. The tamil speaking showroom staff however spun a surprise at the end by clicking photos and bursting crackers at the time of handing over the keys. We were without food the whole day till late in the night. Though the ECIL Service Centre did fast job of handing over the car but on 01/07 I was harassed for several hours..

I was informed of the pick and drop facility by the service advisor named Sri Naveen who also hinted that it is left for me to make tips to the driver. On 30/06/10, I waited for the driver but nobody turned up at 9a.m. as fixed by the Service Advisor Sri Naveen.

It was only after yet another set of several phone calls that the pick and drop driver named Raju was sent on 01/07/10 at my residence, Tarnaka. I had spoken to Service Manager named Sri Shyam Sunder Reddy who was also aware about my specific requirement. However, after reaching the KUN Ecil service centre I was attended by two service advisors namely Naveen who obtained my signature on the papers for central locking system and another named Srujan Reddy who began to inspect the car. He bluntly informed me that the accessory with the vibration option was not readily available and not in stock. He began to impose his wishes and choice of the central locking system. They all acted totally arrogant without admitting their folly of misleading me about the availability of the accessory. They all deliberately subjected me to physical discomfort and hardship by making me travel the 20 kilometers to and fro my residence without readily keeping the specific accessory at their workshop. Though I had repeatedly informed them about my choice of the said accessory. I was made a fool of by all the young staff and one of them began to misbehave by holding my hand with out regard to my older age. I am in the age group of their mother or aunts yet they began to play pranks.

All the while the Service Manager was absent when he should have been the first person to approach me and clarify about the central remote locking system. Ultimately, when he made an appearance, he began to deny that I had asked for the vibration model remote locking. He began to challenge me to complain with the authorities. Similarly, the Service Advisors namely Srujan Reddy and Naveen began to threaten me like rowdysheeters.

Your staff at the Ecil Service Centre cannot impose their choice of accessory on me. Nor can they misinform and mislead about the products. There was no reason to call me to the service centre without making available the required accessory. They cannot impose their choice of accessory on me. As a new customer, It is disgraceful display of perverted minds and cheap mafia mob style of behavior by your staff with intention to harass me and deny me the service of accessory installation. It is but natural for me to react the way I had to such perversity. I was willfully harassed and provoked by your staff.

This complaint is to seek for remedial measures and to instruct your staff to behave responsibly and respectfully towards elderly single woman customers like me. Just because I visited the Service Centre alone I was sexually harassed by some of your young staff with out regard to my age. It was only when I disclosed my age that the Service Manager and Srujan Reddy came over to apologize their folly. Also I have not been given the discharge papers of the pick and drop. It appears that your staff are into some racket to cheat gullible customers like me. There was no need to insist that I should leave the car with them just for installation of remote locking accessory.

Yet again your staff began to harass me on 07/07/10 when I had taken the car for the teflon coating. Prior to my visit I had spoken several times to the Customer Care Manager named Sri H P Sarma. However, I was deliberately harassed and delayed by the service advisor named Saleem. I guess it was all a ploy to commit a crime. They falsely misled that the teflon coating would take two to three hours and kept insisting that I should give the keys and wait in the showroom. I was surprised that the teflon coating was completed in one hour's time. I suspect some foul play by the staff because of the way all of them kept giggling. Though service advisor Srujan Reddy spoke convincingly and politely, the staff were acting like sly foxes. I am not happy with the overall clumsy service offered and I suspect that they have opened the bonnet and committed some fraudulent act.

Though I approved the unbiased service by service advisor named Srujan Reddy, I am still left with doubt that there was some malpractice done during the teflon coating work undertaken.

In the event of repetition of harassment or bad service, I shall be constrained to file a consumer forum case for the hazardous and biased service. The unnecessary journey to and fro has not only eaten away my precious time but also affected my health. The willful harassment and threats posed by your staff has caused me damage by way of bad health and unnecessary leave from my workplace.