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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cursed India in the eyes of singlewoman

India a war torn sickly sadistic country as in the eyes of a single woman,

This is the 21 st century while I was born in 1964 and the eldest with an younger brother in the small family. For several decades of observation and true experiences of the senseless bias exhibited towards a single woman in my everyday walk of the life. The indian society is simply pathetically prejudiced towards singles.

There is no colour, age, caste or politics in the play but the maniac bias shown towards singles. Obtaining services has become a tedious task mostly unaccomplished and exploited.

The arrogant salesmen and the shopkeeper of Maheswari Readymade Blouses located in the busy Sultan Bazar of Hyderabad did not bother to respond to my query about the rates of the blouses displayed. They continued to sip the tea. It was only when I repeatedly enquired that they offered a cheeky response saying, "cannot you see that we are drinking tea?" I had no option but to walk out and the other shops there were charging exhorbitantly high rates. They intended to sell old varieties, designs and old stock to me.

That was a petty shop but even at elite reputed shops - Meena Bazar located in the famous Abids area of Hyderabad they humiliated by implicitly refusing to sell. The top floor housed the latest designer and costly sarees and I was directed to a counter on the groundfloor for reasonably rated sarees. Here too the old sales man did not bother to show the sarees or the price tags but simply admonished me saying that all are costly. I was forced to walk out and deprived of buying the latest designers during the festive season. I walked into the - Dayals Shop where only few varieties of sarees were in display and thus buy for a moderately high rate. I was thus deprived of buying a good one but led to buy old stocks.

This is how lowly the businessmen and their workers behave towards singles. Sick minded sadistc indians change…..